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Midnight Syndicate - Michael Hedstrom - Frank Petruccelli - Dave Stroud/DZX
Garet Holcomb & Antonio Gonzalez Jr. - RustyKnife - Billy Mallery
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BORN OF THE NIGHT, released in 1998 contains 21 masterful gothic treats. As you take the journey through the haunted maze of sound  Midnight Syndicate  weaves, this CD will instantly transport you to a  haunted gothic castle. Incredible dark orchestrations and creepy sound effects,
BORN OF THE NIGHT is an excellent listen!

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REALM OF SHADOWS, released in 2000 also contains 21 tracks that, as their website says, "casts the listener into the ruins of a mysterious village that was thought to be desolate... until now". Set in the same world as BORN OF THE NIGHT, REALM OF SHADOWS is another haunting journey into gothic perfection.  They create the music and mood, your create the world around it.  Listen to this broadcast the next time you have to make a big decision! It just might do the trick, or creep you out...or both!
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Midnight Syndicate REALM OF SHADOWS CD - $15.00 includes S & H Add to Cart

GATES OF DELIRIUM, released March 3, 2001.
Set in the macabre world of a turn-of-the-century asylum, this 21 track CD is most definitely their best work to date.  Sweeping soundscapes transport you into a terrifying yet somehow beautiful setting.
Don't miss this broadcast. Don't listen alone.
"A lone scream pierces the night...Dark shadows envelop unwilling guests of a wretched stronghold that harbors an unspeakable terror...Welcome to Haverghast Asylum"

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Midnight Syndicate GATES OF DELIRIUM CD - $15.00 includes S & H  Add to Cart

VAMPYRE, Symphonies from the Crypt, released August 13, 2002.
This CD is EXCELLENT!  What we've come to expect from Midnight Syndicate!!!
"Unleash your darkest nightmares as you enter the world of the Vampyre. Echoing from ancient crypts, these haunting symphonies call forth the horror, mystery, and passion of the night that awaits you.
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Michael Hedstrom's Midnight Circus CD is a dark, creepy and whimsical ride under the Big Top.  Eleven tracks of EXACTLY what you'd want for your Circus or Sideshow themed haunt/event or for any spooky occasion. Has a certain "CARNIVAL OF SOULS" feel to it.  "The Tunnel of Fun" is simply terrifying! 
 DO NOT listen if you fear clowns, as this broadcast will not help your conditio
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Michael Hedstrom's MIDNIGHT CIRCUS CD - $15.00 includes S & H Add to Cart

Michael Hedstrom's Clive Manor CD beautifully mixes sound samples with music to create an excellent gothic Halloween CD.  As this disc weaves a horrific story of a trip to Clive Manor, you find yourself transported into a forest, a haunted hidden passage, a spooky dungeon, and the Manor itself. Each of the twelve tracks masterfully concocted by Michael help create the soundtrack that can only lead you to the doors of...

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Frank Petruccelli's music from (and inspired by) the infamous Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion is an excellent 31 track romp into Ravenscroft Manor, one of Kevin's  haunted adventures.  The first 16 tracks will lead you through the Manor.  The remaining 15 tracks are instrumental versions of previous tracks.
Well composed (or should I say, decomposed) for your listening pleasure.  
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Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion CD by Frank Petruccelli - $15.00 includes S & H Add to Cart

Frank Petruccelli's Music To Die For is 16 tracks of haunted fun and imagination.  Filled with an array of spooky themes, there's bound to be something on this CD for any creepy taste. With a great "soundtrack" feel to it, Music To Die For is a great addition to any creepy collection!
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Petruccelli Productions Presents: Music To Die For - $15.00 includes S & H  Add to Cart

Frank Petruccelli does it again with the Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion 25 Years of Fears CD.  This 13 track release features "Haunted Halls", "Watery Grave", "Fallen Angel" and "The Graveyard Shift" plus nine other incredible tracks. Symphonic film score style tracks with haunting melodies and eerie effects.  The intensity of Frank's scoring prowess is evident in each of these masterful pieces and is a welcome addition to any haunt music collection.  Highly recommended!
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Dave Stroud and DZX Studios present 13 Tracks From A Demented Mind. This CD is quite twisted! It contains sound effects and music designed for continuous looping play.  Many of the tracks contain dark storylines and dark humor with titles such as "Dr. PAINE, D.D.S.","The Swarm" and "Under The Full Moon". My favorite of the 13 tracks include "An Asylum" and "Eternal Unrest" which are perfect for haunt environments. Some of these tracks are a little too intense for younger listeners. Be warned!
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DZX and Dave Stroud's 13 Tracks From A Demented Mind CD- $15.00 includes S & H Add to Cart

Garet Holcomb and Antonio Gonzalez Jr. present DARK MATTER.  This CD contains tracks mainly suited for your alien or space craft scenes or to just listen to for some dark "blissing out".  The CD leaves you with the uneasy feeling of being completely lost in space, but not alone. The dynamic range on this CD is so SCARY that it can damage your stereo system or speakers if you're not careful.  Included on this 5 track CD is a speaker test to assist checking speaker levels prior to diving into deep space. 

Garet Holcomb and Antonio Gonzalez Jr.'s DARK MATTER CD - $15.00 includes S & H Add to Cart

 RustyKnife presents DARKNESS, Soundscapes for your haunt. This 7 track disc runs 48:52 and contains tracks titled Monsters, Cathedral, Nighty-Night, Weirdo, Storm, The Creeps and Chorus.  This is what I consider to be an A+ haunt CD.  Cathedral is one track that I can't seem to get enough of...I just keep playing it over and over and over again. A VERY dark and enjoyable listen. Exactly what I like to listen to...year round!
Certainly another must have CD to add to your macabre music collection.

RustyKnife's DARKNESS, Soundscapes for your haunt CD- $15.00 includes S & H Add to Cart

RustyKnife presents Organum, Grim Organworks for your haunt.  This 8 track disc runs 61:22 and contains tracks titled Dirge, Spectre's Ball, Baroque, Dismay, Lost Love, Hypnoticus, Miserie and Madman.  If you're looking for a spooky organ based haunt disc, this is one you should consider.  I get lots of emails from folks looking for a CD that has pipe organ tracks, well...here it is!  Very Disneyesque and a bit churchy, Organum is the perfect CD for that Grim Organist prop you've built and the great thing is, it isn't the typical classical organ tracks you get tired of hearing every Halloween. 

RustyKnife's Organum, Grim Organworks for your haunt CD- $15.00 includes S & H Add to Cart

RustyKnife presents Organum Effectus, Grim Orgranworks and Sounds for your haunt.  This 8 track disc runs 62:22. Organum Effectus contains creepy sound effects along with the pipe organ tracks from Organum.  Same cool pipe organ tracks only spookier with the added horror sound effectus...um...effects.  Another triumphant release by Jason Reese and RustyKnife.

RustyKnife's Organum Effectus, Grim Organworks and Sounds CD - $15.00 includes S & H Add to Cart

Scoring genius Billy Mallery presents Haunted World.  This 36 track disc seamlessly transitions from track to track and runs 60:15. Haunted World contains deep dark sound effects at atmospherics that are demonically prehistoric. This is by far one of the best NEW Halloween CDs I've heard - an ambient masterpiece!

Billy Mallery's Haunted World CD - $15.00 includes S & H Add to Cart

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