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Rich "Horrormaster" Hanf in Association With Underground Entertainment

Running time: 105 Minutes

For the past five years, haunted industry professionals and Halloween enthusiasts have been asking when Rich Hanf would release a sequel to his best selling video LIVE ON HORROR HILL.  Welcome to...LIVING DEAD: LIVE!, the FIRST haunted industry how-to DVD!  In this new DVD, Rich "Horrormaster" Hanf teams up with Underground Entertainment's Jim O'Rear to take you on a tour of Hanf's 2002 attraction HOUSE OF THE LIVING DEAD.  Rich breaks down each scare, scene by scene, showing you what works, what doesn't work, and why.  Not only that, Hanf takes you inside the minds of the actors who work the scares night after night through a series of interviews that provides brilliant tips for actors and actor-managers.  This DVD is not to be missed!

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