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  Happy Halloween Magazine - Brought to you by The Global Halloween Alliance,  Happy Halloween Magazine recently delivered their final issue.  An incredible publication  packed with decorating & party ideas, celebrity profiles, product reviews, and the latest stories on the best home and commercial haunts around, it was the only magazine that was TRULY dedicated to Halloween. This magazine should be in the home of everyone who loves the holiday!  Back issues are available and are sure to be collectors items.


The new online media format, HallowZeen will kick off on Friday, September 13th and is sure to please. Be sure to stop by and check it out  www.HalloweenAlliance.com



Have you picked up your subscription to  Haunted Attraction Magazine?  If the answer is no, what's stopping you? Haunted Attraction Magazine is THE premier publication for the Dark Amusement Industry.  Well crafted by editor Leonard Pickel, Haunted Attraction Magazine is a MUST HAVE for Haunters and those who love to be haunted.  Check them out...if you dare...


Leonard Pickel's Effective Scares Lecture on CD - $15.00 includes S & H  Add to Cart


UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT : an EXCELLENT, informative an entertaining look into the broad, diverse, and exciting world of horror, haunted attractions, sci-fi, and the entertainment industry. Editor Jim O'Rear,  known as one of the leaders in the haunted attraction industry, has designed, built, consulted, and performed in many popular attractions across the United States. With celebrity interviews, Halloween activities, haunted attractions, independent film reviews and more Underground Entertainment is a must for any Halloween reading library. UE was recently purchased by Haunted Attraction Magazine so be sure to pick up your back issues before they are ALL GONE!

Haunted Media Magazine: THE video format magazine for the Halloween/Haunted Attraction Industry.  Produced 4 times per year and distributed on CD-ROM,
each issue covers haunted places, haunted attractions and Halloween events. Presented in a documentary style format (similar to the History Channel or A & E)
Haunted Media Magazine features interviews with the owners and operators of these events, including the inner workings and rare behind the scenes footage. Other features include coverage of home haunts, spotlight on industry professionals and haunter workshop segments. Their Haunters Resource guide has direct hyperlinks to suppliers. Haunted Media Magazine is a groundbreaking, new and exciting alternative to print publications. Subscribe NOW! You'll be glad you did!

Recorded LIVE at the 3rd Global Halloween Convergence in San Jose, CA

This CD is great for ideas and inspiration for setting up your own haunt. Learn classic examples of how the pros set up their audience for a good scare. Useful for the pros as well as the home haunters. Once you have the basic ideas that Leonard explains in full, you can carry them out regardless of budget.

Leonard Pickel's "Effective Scares" Lecture

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